Vehicle Wrapping

An innovative way to personalise your vehicle is a full or partial vehicle ‘wrap’.  By covering sections or all the panels of your vehicle’s bodywork with a coloured vinyl will in effect ‘wrap’ it, which is how it has earned it’s name.  There are many effects you can achieve with a wrap, from the colour change of the whole vehicle, to partial changes, such as bonnet stripes or just roofs or wing mirrors.  With lots of different vinyls available, you can choose something daring, such as a shocking pink, or something a little more out of the ordinary with a glitter or chrome finish.  We have a whole spectrum of colours available, in matt or gloss and carbon fibre effect.  As you would expect, our vehicle wrapping service provides a seamless finish and comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.  Contact us for more information, a quote or for available colours & finishes.