Vehicle Window Tinting

Here at CSS we pride ourselves on carrying out the highest quality vehicle window tinting service you could ever hope for.  We use the market leader in window films, which block out a high percentage of solar energy, making your car cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning, which in effect, will make your vehicle more economical, and in this current financial climate – we could all use a helping hand with lower fuel costs.  We are very pleased to offer our customers a collection and delivery service, free of charge, for the local area.  To aid your peace of mind, please take note that we are fully insured for all road risks and public liability.

All the films we use block out 99% of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, so, like a sunscreen, the window film is a sheild against the sun’s devastatingly harmful effects, which can lead to some forms of skin cancer and damage to the interior of your vehicle.  Installing a window film provides a neater, more convenient solution than vehicle blinds or screens.  Unlike blinds, you will able to use your windows freely and have peace of mind that whichever direction the sun is coming from, the whole of your vehicle is protected, and therefore, so are you and your passengers.

In addition to the great financial and health benefits, tinted windows really add to a vehicle’s aesthetics.  Have you ever noticed how, in almost every prestige car commercial from Mercedes, BMW to Audi, they always have tinted windows?  So with tinted windows on your vehicle you can drive cool, and look cool at the same time!

We work very hard to ensure the highest quality finish, and through this hard work, have gained the trust of our local Audi dealerships in Norwich and Lowestoft, where we carry out a large proportion of their aftermarket tints, along with our local Busseys Ford dealership and Auto Devotion, Seat & VW in Lowestoft.

A range of different tints are available to ensure that your vehicle still complies to legislation associated with vehicle tinting.